Resell Sonic Media

We make reselling super easy for you. The service sells itself. You will be making money in no time.

How It Works

You purchase the reseller package, it is £100 for 20 credits. Once payment is complete you join our support group where you get access to your panel.

Credits are used to create user lines. 1 credit = £5. 

1 Credit= £5

Example: 1 Month will cost you £5 and 12 Month's will cost you £20. You can start off your own panel with as low as £100 and you get £100 worth of credits (20 Credits) and free setup.

1 Month Single- 1 Credit

1 Month Multi- 1.5 Credits

1 Month Triple room- 2 Credits

3 Months Single- 2 Credits

3 Months Multiroom- 3 Credits

3 Months Triple room- 4 Credits

6 Months Single- 3 Credits

6 Months Multiroom- 4 Credits

6 Months Triple room- 5 Credits

12 Months Single- 4 Credits

12 Months Multiroom- 6 Credits

12 Months Triple room- 8 Credits 

You will have your own dedicated panel where you can create your own users. 

You simply top up again from us. If you are running out of credits this means you are making money. There is no reason not to top up. 

No, you will need to top up when on or below 2 credits. If you do not top up in 7 days the panel will be disabled. If you do not top up 7 days after that panel will be deleted. All sellers must remain active and at least have a moving credit every 21 days.

No experience is needed. Full support is given and you will be making money within minutes.  

Yes, we play fair. Nobody is allowed to sell under £50. This is underselling our service. Sell for £50 or over. 

No you must sell your own brand. You're not selling the Sonic Media brand. Whatever you decide to call your brand is up to you. But you must sell your own brand.